Gardens of the Northwest

1. Rescapes in Ashfield

Jim and Sharon Nivins
84956 Tower Line,
R.R. #7 Lucknow


GPS 43.906681, -81.611968

Rural garden of day lilies and mixed perennials which features original garden art pieces.

OPEN Wednesdays and by appointment.

2. Applegarth

Rhea Hamilton and Klaus Seeger
37654 Nile Road,

R.R.#3 Auburn

GPS 43.793742, 81.588285

Enjoy their small pond nestled amid shade and sunny gardens, which feature old-fashioned perennials and native trees.

OPEN anytime and tours by appointment.

3. Donnybrook Flower Farm

Gwen Richardson
38441 Glen’s Hill Road,
R.R. #2 Auburn

GPS 43.837425, -81.488471

Gwen’s garden rolls from sheltered shade to sunny south bank featuring both perennials and a wealth of colourful annuals used for fresh cut market bouquets.

OPEN Wednesdays 4:00pm to 8:00pm and by appointment.

4. Rainstone Farm

Rob & Elfie Enns
38356 Westfield Road,

GPS 43.817721, -81.509120

Smell the perfume in the air as you stroll through our gardens. We have all the usual suspects.

OPEN Friday to Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm

Closed Sundays

5. Whimsical Grass Garden

Karen Redmond
142 Goderich Street,

GPS 43.770821, -81.531481

Featuring many ornamental grasses as a natural fence, with hostas, native plants and trees in a country garden setting.

OPEN by appointment

6. Escape from Chaos

Jacqui Laporte and John Empson
141 Goderich Street,


GPS 43.770757, -81.531397

Gardens are reflective of the owner, a yoga garden, raised vegetable garden, a dry riverbed to manage roof water and a snake hibernaculum!

OPEN by appointment or by chance

No fee but donations to Victim Services appreciated.

7. Wonky Frog Studio

Scott Ramsay ~ Artist
Cat O'Donnell ~ Artist/Artisan Potter
197 Westmoreland St., Blyth
519-440-2717 pariscat42@yahoo.copm

GPS 43.755295, -81.467243

Unique gardens are fun extension of pottery studio, ceramic treasures everywhere. 150th Canada tulip garden. Many types of berries. Shop supports (many) local Artisans.

OPEN Tuesday & Wednesday 10-6, Thursday 2-6, Friday & Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-5, CLOSED Mondays by chance or  


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8. Hideaway Haven

Jane Smyth
234 Blyth Road, Blyth


GPS 43.730915, -81.430957

A mix of coniferous and deciduous trees, pet friendly and drought tolerant perennials with stone terrace. Take bridge over dry riverbed to see Rustic Cabin. Child friendly area.

OPEN by appointment or by chance

No fee but donations to Friends of the Village, Blyth appreciated.

Take a Lunch Break at...

The Queens Bakery - Coffee, espresso bar, tea, local cheeses, specialty desserts, fresh daily soups, sandwiches and quiche.


430 Queen St. Blyth



See specials on Queens Bakery's Facebook Page

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Gardens of the Northeast

9. Alice Munro Literary Garden

273 Josephine Street, Wingham
Beside the North Huron Museum

GPS 43.887198, -81.312176

Public park pays tribute to the literary achievements of Wingham native and internationally renowned author Alice Munro.

OPEN year round, self guided tour

10. Willowpark Patch

Debbie Kyuvenhoven

229 Arthur Street, Wingham


GPS 43.89664, -81.313269

Large country garden, enjoy the patio, pond, paths and pergola.

OPEN by appointment or by chance.

Buses Welcome

11. The Purple Rooster

Ron and Linda Henhoeffer
45095 Harriston Road,
R.R. #1, Gorrie

GPS 43.884467, -81.048158,

Enjoy a stroll through our gardens, an eclectic mix of sun and shade loving shrubs and perennials. Our Monarch Way Station attracts many species of butterflies & various pollinators. We also sell tame milkweed plants

OPEN June 15 to Sept. 15, Thurs. Fri & Sat. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Donations to Ivey Eye Institute, St. Joseph's Hospital, London

12. Overgrownus (NEW)

Wayne & Marilyn Williams
6123 Line 87,
R.R.#1, Listowel

Mature country garden featuring a naturalized pond, waterfall, and drybed. Natural hardscapes and sitting areas amidst a collection of trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials.

OPEN by chance or appointment

15. Howick Community Centre Gardens (NEW)

45088 Harriston Road,

GPS 43.88627 -81.035424

150th Celebration Rock Garden: shrubs, grasses and perennials, showcasing 1,000 red and white Darwin tulips. Butterfly Gardens: native plants attracting butterflies and pollinators

OPEN all season, self-guided tour

16. Riverbend Gardens and Nursery

Allan and Shirley Koch
43846 C Line Road,
Wroxeter / Howick

GPS 43.815701, -81.107774

Our gardens are home to nearly 1000 varieties of hostas, even more daylilies and many other interesting perennials, shrubs & trees.

OPEN 1st Monday in May to Labour Day,

off season/after hours by chance or appointment. Closed Sundays
visit website

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13. Baanrae Gardens

Don & Monique Baan
83250 Brussels Line, Walton


GPS 43.684044, -81.296818

Graciously curving perennial gardens skirting old spruce trees. Large vegetable garden featured in back, situated on the north edge of the village of Walton.

OPEN by appointment

14. Sunset Springs Greenhouse

43079 Hullett-Mckillop Road
R.R. #4 Walton


GPS 43.649584, -81.31698

Stroll the meandering flower beds around a Victorian home. Hear the sounds of a bubbling rock and see our greenhouse explode with seasonal colour.

OPEN May-June, Monday-Saturday 9 -5;
July to October by appointment

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Gardens of West Central

Take a Lunch Break at...

Good Food,

Good Friends,

Good Music!

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Cinnamon Jim`s - Cinnamon buns baked fresh daily, superb sandwiches on fresh baked buns, home made soups and quiche.


401 Turnberry Street, Brussels


OPEN Monday to Thursday - 6:00am - 3:00pm

Friday - 6:00am - 8:00pm

Saturday - 7:30am - 3:00pm

17. Huron County Museum (NEW)

Maintained by Friends of the Museum
110 North Street,
Goderich 519-524-2686

Public vegetable garden maintained by local volunteers. This teaching garden involves volunteers in the planting, weeding and harvesting. At the corner of North and Trafalgar Street.

OPEN daily Interpretation or Museum tour by appointment.

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18. Huron Historic Gaol (NEW)

Maintained by Friends of the Museum
181 Victoria Street North,
Goderich 519-524-6971

Located within the walls of a National Historic Site, this garden features vegetables and herbs from historic Gaol menus. All produce donated to Huron County Food Banks.

OPEN during Gaol hours, or by appointment.

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19. Hortum Monumenta

Vicky and Doug Culbert
49 North Street, Goderich

GPS 43.744756, -81.7113

A garden dedicated to Surveyor’s monuments that have been collected from all over Ontario and displayed in a reflective shade garden, surrounded by Explorer roses.

OPEN June 30 till October, 9:00am-5:00pm

20. Falhaven Farm

Michael and Marguerite Falconer
79217 Orchard Line, Goderich

GPS 43.674342, -81.684714

This is a hybridizer’s garden specializing in cutting edge tetraploid daylilies.  Also features other flower gardens and organic vegetable garden.

OPEN by appointment

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21. Serendipity Garden

Thyra Knudsen & Patrick Capper
77759 London Road, Clinton

GPS 43.599357, -81.532795

Sun and shade-loving perennials wrap around mature trees and into raised vegetable beds - a combination for food, beauty, habitat and species preservation.

OPEN by appointment or by chance

22. Sleepy Hollow (NEW)

Percy Renner & Joanne Bullen
10 South Shore Lane,
Bayfield 519-565-2421

GPS 43.567208, -81.699743

Secluded serenity among the trees, enjoy boats on the Bayfield river, wild and colourful against a backdrop of ferns and hostas. Small Japanese garden. Exquisite sunsets.

OPEN 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. or by appointment

Take a Lunch Break at...

Cait's Cafe - Authentic European Pastries, Organic Teas, Deli Sandwiches, Espresso Coffee, and more!

Committed to Showcasing Ontario's Unique Tastes of Place

168 Courthouse Square, Goderich


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Gardens of the South

23. Smokey Hollow Farm

Joan Brady
36670 Dashwood Road, Dashwood

GPS 43.567208, -81.699743

Scenic property features a cut-your-own flower operation of perennial and annual flowers or join our weekly bouquet club and harvest yourself. Arrangements, vegetables and strawberries also available.

OPEN by appointment

24. Our Peace of Paradise

Don and Anne Russell
69844 Shipka Line, Dashwood


GPS 43.278096, -81.672495

Large rural garden with four season interest. Perennials, hostas, daylilies, sedums, shrubs, peaceful sitting areas and two large vegetable gardens. Woodland lot with meandering trails.

OPEN by appointment, Donations to London Regional Cancer Program appreciated

25. Huron Ridge Acres

Carol & Dave Steckle
74101 Bronson Line,
Zurich / Bluewater

GPS 43.477868, -81.662416

Private backyard retreat including perennial, annual and vegetable gardens.
Open by appointment.  Plant sales at greenhouse.

visit website for business hours

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Take a Lunch Break at...

Bayfield Berry Farm - Baked goods fresh daily, breakfast all day, specializes with home grown produce, preserves, frozen treats.  Come pick your own berries.  See us on Facebook.


77297 Orchard Line, Bayfield


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Gardens of the East

26. Gardening Made Easy

Phil and Patty Laporte
73691 Bluewater Highway

GPS 43.45524, -81.701696

Over one acre of reforested and naturalized area, raised vegetable gardens for seniors, several rain barrel gathering systems.

OPEN by appointment, No fee

27. Peace Garden & St. Marys Horticultural Society

226 Thames Ave, St. Maria Street, and
Centennial Park, St. Marys

GPS 43.259587, -81.140653

Both public gardens designed, planted and maintained by St. Marys Horticultural Society.

The Centennial Park site features a natural stone sitting wall with a metal sculpture, and four gardens along the walkway. All stone local.

28. Fryfogel Tavern Museum & Arboretum

1931 Line 34, Shakespeare
GPS 43.369048, -80.802720

Park-like setting, five acre native plant restoration arboretum, dedicated trees, pollinator garden, heritage garden, historic Fryfogel Tavern building, picnic tables, and trails.

Grounds open to public year round.

Donations Accepted visit website

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29. Pergola Garden, Stratford


York Street, Stratford
GPS 43.371882, -80.982562


Historic site with pergola remiscent of earlier design destroyed in 1930's. Overlooks Thames dam.  Landscaped and maintained by Stratford Horticultural Society.

Shakespeare Gardens run parallel to the Perth County Courthouse, west end of Ontario Street at 1 Wellington St.
GPS 43.370153, -80.982211

visit website for a walking tour map

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