The Benefits of Garden Touring

We are all curious about what lies beyond the garden gate.  How exciting to have an invite!  There are a variety of gardens on this year's tour.  Some feature vegetables, some trees and still others have fun with perennials.  Take time to see how they utilize rainwater and the varieties of mulch.

These gardeners are just like you and started with a bare patch of earth.  Each of the gardens reflect personal styles, and nothing is perfect.  Expect the whimsical, a few weeds and a look at what others consider a wee bit of heaven.

​Simple Garden Etiquette

  • Please respect the homes and businesses that have opened their garden gates for you to explore

  • Children supervised by an adult are welcome

  • Do not take cuttings or seeds without permission. 

  • Please check with the hosts, leashed pets MAY Be allowed in SOME gardens.

Member Gardens

Membership is open to all Private and or Public Gardens in Huron and Perth.  Gardens of various sizes and kinds are included.  If you would like to join us, we meet twice a year once in the Spring and the other in the Fall.  For further information please contact us.