Vegetables and Fruit From Your Garden or a Market

How to start a vegetable garden.jpg

We open our yards to share ideas, show what works and does not work, and hopefully inspire. Some of our garden sites have wonderful vegetable gardens, and  the gardeners offer some top tips:


Ron and Linda Henhoeffer (Site #14) grow climbing beans on an obelisk. The beans will take up less room and are much easier to pick, especially for the grandchildren!! 

Putting effort into properly staking tomatoes, beans, peas etc., along a fence or trellis gives greater yields and keeps the veggies cleaner. Gwen Richardson (Site #4) recommends running the fence east/west, not north/south at the north edge of your garden. Grow sun-loving plants to the south and shade veggies like lettuce, and spinach north of your fence.


The Friends of the Huron County Museum (Site #25) and Friends of the Huron County Gaol (Site #24), both located in Goderich, are managed by a group of volunteers. They have planted the vegetable gardens as a way of giving back to the community with knowledge and vegetables for Huron County Food Banks. The garden at the Gaol is reminiscent of the one used by prisoners and the warden’s family so long ago.