Horticulture Societies in Huron Perth

Auburn Horticulture Society (Huron County)

Organized in 1950, one of the first projects was awarding prizes for decorated door at Christmas and a tree was decorated with lights.  In 1952, the society placed in concrete letters the name 'Auburn' at the east and west entrances to the village.  Each letter weighed around 250 pounds.  Two women and one man made the stencils, mixed and poured the cement.  One set was relocated when the highway

was built.  Two model reindeer, sleigh, Santa and pack were purchased and used for community decoration and special

lighting.  A maple tree was planted to mark the coronation of the present Queen.  First place was won with a float in an

Old Boys' Reunion parade.  Wild flowers was the topic of a public speaking contest for the children.  In 1958, the former

Forresters' hall lot was donated to the society and it was named 'Manchester Park' in a naming contest.  Trees, shrubs,

flowers make it a beautiful spot when illuminated at night.  Membership in 1970 was 44 members.  Junior activities

included a poster contest, scrapbooks, lights were purchased to string across the street; social events include a centennial tea and a Christmas Family Night with the Women's Institute alternating as hosts.  A flowering crab tree was planted to mark Canada's centennial.  Horticultural signs were made to mark 12 society plantings.  Good programs at open meetings when there are floral displays help make this an effective society.

Clinton Horticulture Society (Huron County)

Contributing much to the beautification of the community is the Clinton Society with 1970 membership of 177.  Trees and flower beds are planted.  members were given 1,200 bulbs in 1971 for planting.   The garden tours were very popular.  The Junior Society is active, entering a floral float in the winter carnival, having a booth at the Spring Fair and learning of horticulture through lectures and demonstrations.  Clinton had 105 members in 1906 when the Association was organized.

Goderich & District Horticulture Society (Huron County)

The 103 members, 1970 engaged in a variety of activites to carry out the aims of the Association.  Workshops on vegetables, perennial borders, films slides and an autumn sale are among some of the activities.  A spring flower show featured a photographic exhibit of early Ontario Architecture, a tea garden and bake sale.  The non-competivite Flower Festival was viewed by thousands.  When the Charter was received in 1955 the membership was 132.

Kirkton Horticulture Society (Perth County)

A society which has shown growth, 37 active members in 1930, became dormant in 1937; re-organized in 1946 with 54 members; 322 in 1967 and 361 in 1970.  Public plantings of tulips and petunias colorful; flower show and exhibit at the Fall Fair; good meetings.  Donations given to the cemetery board and church to purchase shrubs.

Seaforth & District Horticulture Society (Huron County)

Founded in 1972 by Mary Haugh, a local gardener, teacher and 4H leader, and Rodger Whitman, a local doctor and gardener. The first meetings were held at the Town Hall, then the Masonic Lodge, and eventually the Seaforth Public School. A tree was planted in memory of the late Dr. Whitman at the Seaforth District Community Hospital.
Membership fees were $2 in the beginning - Mary Haugh collected a lot of $2 bills over the years! To raise funds we've had plant and bake sales, flower shows, bus and garden tours. We went broke once and two or three of the loyal members pitched in to make us solvent. We've also bought trees, shrubs, and bulbs for members to buy at cost price in the past.  At one time Florence Elford and Mary Van Loon were the guiding spirits in launching a Junior Horticultural Society, but lack of interest from potential gardeners ended that endeavor.
Our meetings now take place in the basement of the lovely Northside United Church, around which our volunteers maintain the flower beds as our 'rental fee'.
We beautify Seaforth with plantings at the four entrances to town and with hanging baskets and box planters in the downtown core.  There are several gardens in various places such as the Town Hall, the Legion and the Library which are maintained by the Seaforth & District Horticultural Society.  Our most recent project, in collaboration with Huron East and the Seaforth Trust, is an outdoor reading area with benches, a trellis, and perennials located on the Seaforth Library property. All hands welcome!

St. Marys Horticulture Society (Perth County)

After a small start in 1900, the society was not very active until 1921; it became dormant in 1936 but was re-organized and received a charter in 1965 with 164 members.  There were 673 members in 1971.  In addition to planting numerous flower beds, they help care for the parkette and plant many tulips.  Flower shows, rose show Junior Garden Competitions among other activities.  New Canadian are among the members.  During the year when the earlier society was active, considerable planting was done, laying the foundation for the present society.

Stratford & District Horticulture Society (Perth County)

The beauty of this Shakespearean Festival City has been enhanced by efforts of the society.  There were 161 members in 1906, reached a high of 221 in 1967; that in 1971 , 551 members with $1,174 spent for horticultural purposes.  During October, bulb planting month, society planted 2,200 bulbs in 1971.  Shows successful and bus trips were popular.